Music has been a part of Nikki’s life for as long as she can remember. God blessed her with a talent to sing and write. He has called her to use her talent for HIS glory and the great work we are all commanded to do for Jesus-Save Souls!~

Nikki realized her gift of singing and writing early in life but actually found her calling at The East Coast County Music Championships.  There she had participated for several years and sang country music but God was redirecting her.  As she would compete each year, never winning, Nikki realized that God had different plans and so she prayed and asked Him to show her what she should do.  That year she entered the Gospel Music category and won 1st place. The following year she competed with the previous 1st Place winners and God blessed her with Entertainer of the Year in that same Gospel category.  She knew there was no question that she was to use her gift to take a message in song every where God led.

She now travels singing and writing with her husband, Chip.